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Did you know that…

…Perkins water pumps can pump around 360,000 litres of coolant in 24 hours of operation?

That’s the equiv­a­lent of 2,378 full bath­tubs. In a cir­cuit, the water pump feeds cold water into the engine to cool it down. The water is heat­ed up by the high tem­per­a­ture of the engine and then trans­port­ed out of the engine to the radi­a­tor. With the help of the cool­ing sys­tem, over­heat­ing and result­ing fail­ures are avoid­ed. Opti­mum per­for­mance can only be achieved with the cor­rect oper­at­ing tem­per­a­ture – a cool­ing sys­tem adapt­ed to the engine is there­fore essential.

Cool­ing sys­tems ensure that your engine runs at the right temperature

Every engine needs a cool­ing sys­tem to pre­vent over­heat­ing and fail­ure. The cool­ing sys­tem in a water-cooled engine usu­al­ly includes a com­bi­na­tion of radi­a­tor, fan, ther­mo­stat and water pump that are con­nect­ed to the ducts in the engine and all work togeth­er to remove the high heat gen­er­at­ed dur­ing combustion.

BU Pow­er Sys­tems offers solu­tions tai­lored to your spe­cif­ic require­ments for a cool­ing sys­tem adapt­ed to your Perkins engine.
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