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Did you know that…

… all Perkins starter motors are designed and test­ed for longevity?

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It is guar­an­teed, that they will start around 36,000 times, the equiv­a­lent of approx­i­mate­ly ten times a day for almost 10 years.

Gen­uine Perkins com­po­nents are syn­ony­mous with strong per­for­mance, out­stand­ing qual­i­ty and high reli­a­bil­i­ty. As our cus­tomer, you ben­e­fit from near­ly 90 years of expe­ri­ence in devel­op­ing effi­cient and robust engines and dri­ve solu­tions. With gen­uine Perkins parts, you can be con­fi­dent that your engine will always be ready for use – even in cold weather.

Perkins starters – designed for you

The starter deliv­ers the pow­er required to start the com­pres­sion sequence in the diesel engine. It draws its charge from the bat­tery, which in turn is con­tin­u­ous­ly charged while the engine is run­ning. You can only rely on your Perkins engine if the start­ing and charg­ing sys­tem is effec­tive and ful­ly func­tion­al. For this rea­son, the starter is designed specif­i­cal­ly for your Perkins engine. Exten­sive test­ing of the starters and alter­na­tors guar­an­tees max­i­mum ser­vice life. This ensures that each indi­vid­ual starter can be start­ed at least 36,000 times – the equiv­a­lent of approx­i­mate­ly ten times a day for almost 10 years.

Elec­tri­cal com­po­nents from Perkins – pow­er­ful­ly out of hibernation

Your advan­tages with Perkins orig­i­nal starter and alter­na­tors (gen­er­a­tor)
  • High reli­a­bil­i­ty and long ser­vice life
  • Starter motors and spare parts at the lat­est state of the art
  • Safe engine start and high vibra­tion resistance
  • Safe func­tion of starter motor and alter­na­tor (gen­er­a­tor)

Please change the starter motor if the start­ing process can only be slowed down. It takes longer for the engine to react and start. This could be a defect in the starter motor.

With the alter­na­tor, the ten­sion of the belt is impor­tant. If it is too loose, it will slip. If the belt ten­sion is too high, the bear­ings of the alter­na­tor can be dam­aged. The opti­mal tun­ing of all com­po­nents is there­fore absolute­ly essen­tial to ensure that your engine runs reliably. 

Your ben­e­fits using Perkins orig­i­nal fan belts
  • Opti­mal pow­er transmission
  • Per­fect run­ning characteristics
  • Reli­a­bil­i­ty and strength through fibre reinforcements

Remem­ber that: When the alter­na­tor (gen­er­a­tor) is replaced, the fan belt should also be replaced, too. The con­nect­ing cables should also be checked and replaced if necessary.

Our employ­ees will com­pe­tent­ly pre­pare an attrac­tive offer for you. BU Pow­er Sys­tems can pro­vide you with the gen­uine Perkins spare parts you need to ensure that your engine has a long life and runs opti­mal­ly. Our spare parts port­fo­lio includes all main­te­nance parts (e.g. fil­ters, V‑belts, valve cov­er gas­kets), engine over­haul parts (e.g. pis­tons, rings, bush­ings, bear­ings, seal kits), elec­tri­cal com­po­nents (e.g. alter­na­tors, pre­heaters, trans­mit­ters) and engine oil (Perkins diesel engine oil). 

Do you have ques­tions about Perkins starters or oth­er Perkins gen­uine spare parts? Con­tact us at 0800 5451 5451. As your exclu­sive Perkins dis­trib­u­tor, BU Pow­er Sys­tems offers orig­i­nal qual­i­ty at rea­son­able prices.